Brand Story

PROTEK Electronics Corp.

The Brand Name Story of Protek

Protek Electronics Corp. was murged in FSP group in 2007, then the name was changed to FSP Kaohsiung Branch. Over 30 years in designing and manufacturing medical & industrial power supplies, it becomes the critical member in the medical power group. Protek has reputed in European and North American market by its sophisticated design ability, efficient manufacture, and quality control, that FSP group decides to keep it's brand "Protek" in their selling network.

Protek Electronics Corp. was founded in March, 1984 as an independent company dedicating to the design and manufacturing of switching power supplies for varied applications including medical application, telecommunication equipment, point-of-sale equipment, networking equipment, test instruments, terminals, and so on. In order to fulfil the vision of Complete Customer Satisfaction, Protek has built its 100% owned Protek Electronics (China) Co., Ltd., in 2003. Consequently, Protek has manufacturing facilities in both Taiwan and China since then. Then total production capability is 120k units/month (40,000 units/month in Taiwan and 80,000 units/month in China). The company provides worldwide local support to its customers through its distributors/agents.

The design experience and efficient operations at Protek guarantee the lowest cost power solutions for all our customers. The agency approved products, statistical process control and meeting ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 quality assurance system guarantee the quality and reliability of our products. On top of these, our well-established and disciplined production lines have capability of both high and low volumes for short lead-time delivery.

The technical expertise of Protek and its distributors/agents is capable of offering design-in support and customer service. We ensure that our customers attain the most competitive solutions for their applications within a fairly short period.

The main products of Protek

The standard power supplies and converters in this catalogue provide customers with wide selection of low and medium power products. The internal/external AC/DC power supplies have completed international safety approvals and CE marking.

In addition to the standard power supplies and converters, we also design and manufacture custom products to meet customers' requirements.

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