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  1. Visiting most pages of this website you do not need to provide personal information. However, through this website, or subscribe to certain services or to fill in the product inquiry and other technical services, may ask you to provide personal information such as name, address, email, or other contact information. The personal information will be used to respond to your requests, enable your participation in online activities, and send newsletters.

    As general websites, along with the use of this website, our web server may automatically log certain information, such as your Internet service provider name, your computer's IP address you are using, the browser you are using or operating system type, the date and time of your access to this website to provide you with a direct link to the site's address, this site address you are linked from, and other similar traffic-related information.

    Foregoing information is used to help us improve our website and our services offered via the website. We will use your personal information for the purpose it was collected, and do not in any way use such information to establish or maintain your personal information, or collect your personal information.

    Generally, we will not disclose the information obtained from this website to any third parties. However, FSP GROUP reserves to provide such information to our employees, contractors, agents with the right designee, on behalf of FSP GROUP to enable it to perform site-related services (such as site management or maintenance services). We also reserves the right to disclose such information to any third party and, if one or all of the following reasons required to be made public:

    • in accordance with law;
    • comply with legal process or governmental requirements;
    • for the prevention of , investigation, detection or prosecution for the site or the technical integrity of the corporate network attack or harm; and / or
    • for the protection of FSP Group, site users, or the public's rights, property or safety.
  2. This website may use and contain the text files [Cookie]. [Cookie] can be used to identify a user's computer, but does not identify or collect personal information from users. Most browsers allow you through changing the preference to turn off [Cookie], but close this function, you may not be able to fully use all or part of the service or function of this website.

  3. This website may contain links to other sites. Please note that FSP GROUP is not responsible for and cannot be responsible for the implementation of other sites privacy policy, and this Privacy Policy applies only to FSP GROUP upon information collected from this website. Please be sure to read the destination site for all visits Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored into your computer when you visit certain websites. As you visit certain websites, your computer will read these cookie files and will re-store them.

Cookies could be stored by the server to collect the variety of information including personally identifiable information such as the name, email address, telephone number and etc.  However, the information that the website can store is the information you have actually entered. The website cannot use Cookies to obtain information or files that you have not ever provided. We have no intention to infringe your privacy while you visit our website. 

The storage time of Cookies can be decided by the server, which will automatically delete stored cookies or keep them for a certain time period when you close the browser. You can change your browser settings to allow you to approve or deny cookie storage requests or delete stored cookies by yourself when you close the browser. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, when you deny cookie storage requests, it may cause you to use some of the features on our site that are not displaying correctly.

We may use Cookie to collect for the purposes as shown below:

  1. To identify the website and browser, to use for the determination of the type of languages, and to store the price inquiry temporarily.
  2. To analyze trends and improve the quality of our service. When you visit our website, the website may use (Google Analytics) to collect the information which are not personally such as the browser, operating system, IP, the domain name from the website, and the average time that you spent on the website.
  3. To provide you with recommendation about services that you may be interested according to your usage of our website service. When you visit our website, like press release page and use the Share Community Media or Email, we will use (AddThis) to collect and analyze your login details in providing marketing information to you.


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